Ingenieros salvadoreños y beliceños : estudiar a Francia

The French engineering schools, which are among the best in the world, set up the “n+i” network to help students before they leave for France, when they arrive and throughout their stay.

Before your leave
The “n+i” network :

  • Helps you research and choose your course
  • Informs you on the cost of accommodation, food, insurance, lessons and French tests,
  • Helps you apply for grants and funds (help from regional authorities, companies),
  • Highly Simplifies the application procedure (only one form to fill in on line, sent to all of the “n+i” schools),
  • Tells you about the procedures and helps you prepare your journey. You should also consult the CampusFrance offices and the consulate services at the French Embassy in your country,
  • Offers free online French lessons (subject to conditions).


Once you arrive in France
The “n+i” network provides a complete integration programme requested by the schools of engineering, including :

  • A Cultural Integration Package (PIC)
  • A Linguistic Integration Package (PIL) with intensive French lessons, with competent institutions.
  • Tutoring,
  • A Methodology Integration Package (PIM) designed to give you confidence in linguistic, scientific and technological fields,
  • Help finding company internships,
  • An invitation to a forum which provides the opportunity to meet companies and talk about internships, sponsorships etc.

These packages are run by the “n+i” network on behalf of the schools and in the interest of the students.

If you need more informations : Click on this link

publié le 19/05/2014

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